Mondays Are For Drinking to The Seldom Seen Kid

Drinking game!! Despite my failure to finish any of the four books I’m already reading, I’ve decided that I’m re-reading Clan of The Cave Bear tonight….and turning it into a drinking game!  Admittedly, I didn’t make this up–I read it online somewhere, and Google is failing me in remembering where exactly–but it’s a great way to spend a Monday night regardless.  If I manage to make it all the way to Valley of the Horses it’ll be way better, but there’s plenty of repetition in Clan  to get me to a good place.  Below I’ve listed the rules I’m starting with, but I might come back and add more as I go.  Hopefully they’ll be real rules and not just excuses for me to drink more wine.

1) Take a drink every time Alya invents something integral to human society

2) Take a drink every time Alya starts the process of domestication of an animal

3) Take two drinks for every sex scene

4) Take a drink for every time Alya changes a society’s mores

5) Take three every time someone exclaims over how beautiful and amazing Alya is


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