What Keeps Me Up At Night

Why can't I just bring them all?

I leave for vacation tomorrow morning, and I have a dilemma.  Two Christmases ago I got a kindle, and I was so happy, because I love traveling and the kindle is way more travel friendly.  I never run out of books, because I can always download more, so even if we get stuck inside somewhere I can always entertain myself, but I don’t have to lug around tons and tons of books.  Obviously, an ereader is the way to go if you’re going to travel.  It’s smaller, easier to carry and store, and generally more convenient.  There’s really no good reason to bring a book with you when you can bring a million with much less struggle.  But I’m almost done with The Two Towers, and I want to bring Return of the King with me, so I can potentially finish the series while on my vacation.  I’m afraid that if I bring my kindle instead, I’ll lose where I am, and need to start over when I get back.  Let’s face it, Lord of the Rings is a lot of information, and its vastness is hard to handle on a first reading.  Thus far, the only way I’m keeping up with everything that’s happening is by being totally engrossed in the universe.  If I take a week off and let myself get engrossed in something else (right now Walden/Civil Disobedience is waiting for me), I’ll probably have to start back at Fellowship to remind myself what’s going on.  Not that that would be the end of the world, but I’m just so excited to get to the end and see what happens that I begrudge any interruption.  And needing to start over would be a huge interruption.

These are the questions that keep me up at night.  The life of a reader.



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3 responses to “What Keeps Me Up At Night

  1. Kait

    These things keep me up at night too…except a little differently. Do I bring all my Anne Bradstreet research with me to school tomorrow knowing I’ll only get a few pages of my paper written? Or do I bring all my Shakespeare research with me, knowing I will probably get more reading done?…And all of this research is in books- the old fashioned hard covered book format!

  2. Bookish Hobbit

    You think LOTR is hard to keep track of, try reading Silmarillion, heh! I’ve read it a few times and I still think I need some kind of chart to organize all that information.

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