You Know Something Is Happening But You Don’t Know What It Is

So, I took some time off for my “vacation” that didn’t actually happen combined with the holiday—you’d think I’d have made a serious dent in my reading pile.  And I realized, that besides making the anal part of me anxious (because reading is always on my to-do list, and not being able to cross things off my to-do list always makes me cranky), not being able to read for a few days makes me legitimately, hungry-bear level cranky.  I start being more misanthropic than usual, my speech becomes more sarcastic and backhanded, and I hate the idea of being around people more than I have to.  Not only is this clearly ridiculous, since it’s 2011 and I’m 24 and I have shit to do, but I also feel like the amount of time it takes to get me to that state is insanely low.  Like, roughly a week of no reading and I’m ready to chew someone’s face off.  Let’s explore:

During the week I should have been on vacation, I barely left my apartment, because I’m a hermit like that.  It would be fair to assume I got some reading done during this time, right?  Really, really wrong. Why, you may ask?  Because, young grasshopper, while it is acceptable to read in public to avoid interacting with people, it is considered rude to do the same while those people are in your apartment.  Max spent the whole week with me, and from Sunday afternoon till Tuesday afternoon our friend from North Jersey came down for the football games and some quality drinking time.  Now, Max can tell when I’m getting cranky and needing to be left in a quiet corner to read and not talk to anyone.  He’s awesome at leaving me alone and doing his own thing when I need him to.  But having another person, who isn’t an unofficial third roommate, here?   I couldn’t exactly just ask my friend to not talk to me for a while I sat reading (I actually probably could have, she’s super cool like that, but it felt rude, ok?) and so I didn’t read.  For roughly two days.

And since today is Thanksgiving, everyone wants to get together for the holiday.  Yesterday I worked all day and then met my friends for a drink and a burger, today I spent with my family, tomorrow is work and the roommate’s birthday, and Saturday is work and meeting some college friends for drinks, Sunday is possible brunch and definite game night.  I could barely get through today without stabbing my racist grandfather in the neck, how am I to be expected to wear heels and be cheerful and not make fun of everyone who crosses my path?  What I need is to be left alone in my apartment with some comedy specials, a book, and a mug of tea.  Which I have tonight.  But instead of being for like two hours before I inevitably pass out, I need to it be for like a week.


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