Double Trouble

I’ve always had two different book piles going on at once.  When I was in school, there were the books (or plays, or poems, or short stories) that I had to read for my various classes, plus what I was reading for fun or for myself.  When I got out of college and didn’t have anyone telling me what to do, I had  short time where I read whatever I wanted to, but I quickly started feeling guilt about not reading the things that I alleged I wanted to—like LOTR, or Walden, or Lolita—but were a little too difficult to be “leisure” reading.  So I just continued reading whatever I damn well pleased at home, before bed or work, and started reading the books I felt were “important” during my in-between reading time—like on my break at work, or in the doctors waiting room.  It’s been a good system, but sometimes I just get confused.  There’s too much going on in each book, and if I have a day where I don’t go anywhere and just let myself read something ridiculous (I’m looking at you, Circle of Magic series), I end up having to reread chapter upon chapter of whatever I’m “seriously” reading.  It makes for very slow going, and it’s also a bit embarrassing to be having a discussion about Dickens and start talking about something Nicholas Sparks actually wrote.  And by a bit, I mean massively.


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