The Sordid Hipsters of America

I’m kind of jealous of Sal Paradise’s view on life.  He just takes things as they come, and is genuinely happy to experience anything life throws at him.   He is perfectly comfortable sitting on the fringes of his friends, letting the tide of their conversations take him wherever it may, and doesn’t need to be the center of attention at any point or have control over what’s going on.  He puts all his trust in his friends, or even strangers, to get him from point A to point B, and never seems to waver in his conviction that he will, in fact, eventually get to point B.  I’m more neurotic, and need to know what’s happening at all times and how it’s helping me get to point B, or I’ll have a panic attack.  I don’t need to be the center of attention, but I do need to have some measure of control over what’s happening at any given point, or I’m convinced I’m going to end up dead and raped in the bottom of a ditch somewhere.  Sal’s way seems less stressful.


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