There’s Evil In The Air

I hate popular books. Let me rephrase: I hate people who only read popular books. This isn’t a surprise, since I fucking hate everyone (stop being so awful). But for once, I actually have a reason. As you may have noticed, I love books. I love reading. The process of it, the discovering of new characters and worlds, etc, etc. And I’m totally not a book snob—I love me some Harry Potter and I did force myself to read Twilight (although a typical Twihard would hate discussing them with me) and I’ve been known to read a Nicholas Sparks book or two. I have no problem with books that are popular, or series that get people reading who normally don’t read at all. To each his own, although I often wish they were just written better. But goddamnit do I hate talking to people who’ve only really read one book series and are now on a personal mission to get everyone else into it. To me, they’re all like the guy from the Season 2 Parks and Rec episode who handcuffs himself to a pipe in Leslie’s office over Twilight—that obnoxious. Because they try to explain to me why I should drop everything I’m doing right now and read the series. My reading list for the next three to six months is pretty constipated and I’m not fitting anything new in there, and having people who don’t even like reading pressure me to read something in particular makes me cranky.. And then, when I try to explain things to them, they go into detail about the plot, and try to “tell” me the story in an attempt to win me over to your side. But books can only be told in the way their authors tell them, and any synopsis or abstract will by definition lose something in translation. To be totally honest with you, I’m of the opinion that there are really only a handful of plotlines in the world, and we’ve all heard them before. It’s the nuance, the way the author weaves that main plotline with the side plots, how she introduces us to the characters or how he reveals the scenery that make each book different, unique, worth reading. In many cases, you spoiling plot points for me takes something away when I finally do read the book, because the way that point is exposed is what takes your breath away. People who are only into one series miss this in their obsession. They’re so amazed by their author, their story, their characters, that they miss out on the beauty that I find in reading in and of itself. And that is why I hate popular books: not because they’re rarely well-written (which is true) or generally trite (also true), but because the people who love them are fucking annoying.



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4 responses to “There’s Evil In The Air

  1. I cant just read one particular series… in fact, i rather read novels than series. And though i love Hp, i dont care if ppl reads them or not. LOL.

  2. Correction

    *cough cough* Parks and Rec *cough cough*

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