Readers Bill of Rights

I’ve (it took me five tries to type that word, BTW) come across a few different versions of the “Readers Bill of Rights”, and I thought I’d show you two of my favorites as well as my own personal hybrid of Rights.  Also, this is my second post in one day, so I won’t feel so bad when I don’t post at all for the rest of the weekend.  So there :-p

1 ) To NOT interrupt my reading in public to tell you what I’m reading or how I’m liking it–I’m reading because I don’t want to talk to you, asshole.

2 ) To judge the shit out of the characters in my book, or fall in love with them, or want to punch them–in other words, get just as emotionally involved with them as I do real people.

3 ) To like characters more than real people.

4 ) To scribble all over my books, whether or not the scribbles have anything to do with the book.  It’s my book, asshole.

5 ) To reread any book I want, whenever I want.  See rule 4.

6 ) To read hardcover, softcover, or eReader.  I love them all, and being a digital copy doesn’t make the words different.

7 ) To read trashy romance novels, epic fantasies, beat poetry, and Eurpoean classics.  At the same times.  Because they feed different parts of my soul.

8 ) To read things in a language I’m not fluent in, just because I love how it sounds.  Even if my pronunciation is terrible.

9 ) To create drinking games to go along with my books, and encourage people to play them when I loan them said books.

10 ) To see the movie version of a book and sit in the middle of the people I’m with, so I only annoy THEM with my constant critique of how the book is superior.

11 ) To engage in spirited debates about which authors and series are better than others.  Which is a polite way to say that I will judge you and expect you to be able to defend your terrible tastes.

12 ) To be as passionate as I have the energy to be about books and reading, and to surround myself with people who will understand, uphold and feed this passion

Did I miss any?



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2 responses to “Readers Bill of Rights

  1. Kait

    I like the on the top that says “to ignore literary critics”…I think that is my favorite these days…

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