My New Obsession

How much do you want to live here?

In case you didn’t get it from the title of my blog, I’m obsessed with libraries and bookshelves.  Honestly, when I consider my future life and home, 90% of my fantasies center on my imaginary future library (the other 10% is focused on my imaginary future backyard, which opens onto the beach).  I currently live in an apartment which isn’t super small, but I do share it with a roommate.  Naturally, my books are jammed on to a bookshelf I’ve owned since childhood and shoved into a trunk my godmother gave me when I graduated high school, with the excess piled up on my nightstand or on the floor.  As much as I love my roommate, there are times when I imagine him moving out and me turning his room into a library.  Just huge shelves full of books, with huge pillows and a big cozy chair for me to curl up in. Not that I think about it all the time or anything.  That being said, just imagine how excited I was when my friend sent me a webside named BOOKSHELF PORN on facebook.  It’s my new obsession.  Tons of paces I’d love to just live in, like above (bright!  airy!  light!  chandeliers! floor to ceiling bookshelves! why don’t I already live there?), and tons of things I secretly think I could buy and sneak into my place  without anyone knowing, like the chair below (sooo comfy looking).  I could honestly spend hours on this site, mentally planning my future house (in Maui).  It makes me want to get cooler bookcases for my current apartment, just so I’m prepared for the future.  Seriously.  Just try getting off this website in less than a quarter of an hour.  I dare you.I feel like I could spend days on end in this chair



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2 responses to “My New Obsession

  1. literarymutt

    I love these! It’s amazing how books and gravity can be mutually exclusive, no?

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