Oh, Hello There

Well, I  broke my computer and so have been relatively silent lately.  My boyfriend is allowing me to borrow his netbook but he sort of takes it and leaves it as he pleases so I never know when I’ll have the alone time to write; generally when he’s left it either I’ve gotten no alone time or simply haven’t been in the mood.

On the plus side, naturally, this (combined with my job’s sudden, inexplicable mania for giving me my breaks) has given me plenty of time to read.  I finished LOTR (aaammmaaazzziiinnggg), am nearly finished with The Mammoth Hunters, have been reading The Picture of Dorian Gray while on the elliptical, and have restarted The Wheel of Time.  And you thought I was joking when I said I read as many books as I can fit into my life at one time.

Reading as many things as I am right now, however, I’m noticing a difference in how I respond to the writing styles.  In particular, between The Picture of Dorian Gray and The Great Hunt (which is book two in WOT, for those of you with lives).  While reading Dorian Gray, I find myself drinking in the words, almost losing the thread of the story in my joy at how beautiful the writing is.  I’ll read the same sentence several times over simply to have the visceral joy of the sound of the words in my head again.  Half the time I’m unsure of what’s going on in the plot, and need to go back and reread pages upon pages to catch myself up.  The Great Hunt, on the other hand, I barely remember reading at all.  I was simply watching a film Jordan somehow managed to beam directly into my brain.  I don’t even register turning the pages until one of them gets stuck, much less the beauty of the words. I still get a bit lost on the various plotlines (give me a break, there’s like 13 700+ page books and something around 10 main characters and 1500 minor), but not because I’m so caught up in the verbiage; because I’m so caught up in the other storylines.

I found it interesting that I was reading two books at once that reflect the two opposing ends of my love for reading–my joy in beautiful words and my love for a well crafted universe.  Reading them at the same time seems fitting to me, the way reading a book about vanity while working out to stay skinny seems fitting to me.  Thoughts?


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