I love marking up my books.  Seriously, even books that I don’t own–sorry Kait!!  I just can’t help it–I need to underline, comment in the margins, respond back to the text.  And I ADORE when someone else has been there first.  I’m rereading Mrs. Dallloway, which a friend of a friend gave me while I was visiting Chicago.  She’s marked up the text enough so I know she’s read it at least three times, and I love seeing her reactions to the text.  It makes me feel connected to her, and anyone else who has read the book before, particularly if the perspective is different than mine.  The new viewpoint makes me happy, and makes the text more 3 dimensional than it is without those new perspectives.  Honestly, it’s like having a book club, without actually having to talk to anyone.  Which is my secret desire–to start a book club with my bookish friends, where we don’t meet.  We just pass along books from person to person, adding our own perspective to the text as we go.  That way, we each get more out of the books than we would on our own; plus we would probably read things we wouldn’t otherwise since we all have different tastes.  Plus, it would get rid of my boyfriend’s biggest argument against how much I read: it makes me super antisocial 🙂



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3 responses to “Markup

  1. Kait

    What did you do to my LOTR books??? No, I am only kidding! I love your idea of having a secret book club where we only pass along books we have marked up…I think that is genius!!! It is like an art form, in my opinion. We are leaving our mark on the world, and hope that some other person picks it up and actually cares what we had to say when we said it.

  2. Ah, nothing, just added some underlines and maybe a margin note or two. Mostly while drinking; while sober I was pretty good about remembering I wasn’t the owner. Wanna join my club?

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