Bret Easton Ellis, You Terrify Me

I’m having SUCH trouble finishing American Psycho.  It’s the single most horrifying book I think I’ve ever read, and I spent a year reading nothing but Stephen King.  I’m pretty OK with violence in my books, but holy crap man my teeth hurt just THINKING about some of those scenes.  But, similar to Toni Morrison, once you pick it up, you cannot put it down.  I will sit for five full minutes, staring at the book on a table like it’s a snake.  I know it’s terrible, and going to attack me on all fronts once I pick it up, but holy shit I can’t help myself.  I want to know what happens next.   I want those horrifying words to sing in my bones and reaffirm to myself that myself and my friends are not the worst humanity has to offer.  So I do…and then I finish my lunch break with the same look in my eyes I imagine the survivors of the Inquisition had.


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  1. Kait

    HAHA! Can I just tell you how much I love that we can share a love of books and literature and things that other people think are useless, together?? ❤

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