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How does menstruation work in Wheel of Time?  Yes, boys, it’s one of these, move along now.  The Aes Sedai are all hundreds of years old, the Wise Ones & Kinswomen much older, but they all “slow”, or stop showing outward signs of aging.  But what about anything else?  Do they get hard of hearing?  Do their joints start to hurt more and more frequently?   And MOST IMPORTANTLY, do they go through menopause?  Aes Sedai and Kinswomen don’t have children, but Wise Ones do.  Melaine is pregnant with twins soon after marrying Bael.  Oh shit!  I forgot, because I’m not there yet on my current reading, but Elayne gets knocked up too!  So it isn’t like The Power is blocking their ovaries or something.  Despite a lack of any type of mention whatsoever, I presume there is some sort of monthly cycle happening in Randland.  But, despite half the maiin characters being female who presumably deal with this issue on the regular, no mention of it is ever made, no matter how practical or oblique.  Being the curious-natured soul that I am, this leaves me full of questions.  How long does it go on?   Does The Power protect me from PMS?  Does it stop?  If it does, do I have to go through menopause, or can I skip that part?  And when does it stop–at a normal time, based on my “real” age, or real late, based on my “apparent” age?  These are the questions burning in my mind every time age is brought up in relation to these women.  How, sir, can I insert myself into your epic story without knowing about these practical matters?  These adventures last for years–I wouldn’t want to get caught unprepared.


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