Silly Fears

I was discussing movies today with my coworkers, and I must say, I’m rather terrified the closer it gets to the release of two that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.  I’ve been excited for both On The Road and The Great Gatsby pretty much since I heard about them; but now that it’s getting close I’m starting to get nervous.  There’s too much good stuff in them to translate easily to screen!  Plus, screw Bella Swan as MaryLou.  Seriously?  OK, I know she’s a huge whore and whatnot and we’re supposed to hate her (what does he say?  I left my copy at work…she’s beautiful but stupid and cruel and likes watching other people’s misery?) but I can’t help but feel for her as she chases poor mad Dean around.  And Gatsby, forget it.  Half of my love comes from the beauty of the words, so you’re treading on a thin line here, Baz.  Only my love for the visual smorgasborg that was Moulin Rouge is keeping me calm on this one.  Seriously, seeing my favorite books turned into movies is just as anxiety inducing as the Giants getting into the playoffs.  But with a much lower success rate.


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