Obligatory New Years Resolutions Post



I don’t make resolutions.  I’m pretty terrible at keeping them, and I don’t like being a disappointment.  Besides, I do make it a point to be awesome every goddamn day, and to try my hardest to be increase my awesome quotient on a daily basis, so there’s no real reason for me to make particular resolutions.  I’ve got too much to do on a daily basis (besides being awesome, of course) and too much to think about to focus on some arbitrary goals that are based on whatever’s on my mind at midnight after a few glasses of wine and champagne.  So, I’m just going to continue doing what I’m doing and being awesome all year long.  And this year will be all the more awesome because I won’t be so stressed out because I won’t have this uneasy feeling that I’m failing at something.

I am, however, determined to get my reading in order.  I have noticed in the past 


year or two that my reading has been almost entirely limited to fantasy.  While I’m by no means abandoning the genre, I do feel the need for some new influences in my life.  I feel a sense of stagnancy sometimes, and I think it comes from a lack of new influences in my life.  To that effect, I plan on starting the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.  I found it via Pinterest (of course).  It’s a list of every book Rory Gilmore is seen reading – or talks about reading – through the whole of the Gilmore Girls series.  The girl on this blog has marked off what she’s already read, and what she’s started and not finished. I’ll be doing the same thing – I haven’t had a chance to yet, but I’ll be going through the list and checking how many I’ve already read and what I’ve started but not finished, and then go from there.  I’m not coming out and saying that finishing the list is a resolution of mine, but I’m hoping it gives me a place to start when I don’t know what to read.


Happy 2013!


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