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Victim of My Own Optimism

So, I finished the Inheritance Cycle.  If you haven’t, and you plan to, stop reading now, because I’m gonna spoil some shit, and I don’t care to hear you complain about it.  OK, gone now?  Good.  Because I must say, I ended up rather disappointed in this series.  Like, seriously.  When I first started, I felt the writing was a little rocky, but I forgave it because Paolini was so young when he wrote it, and the story was so captivating to me.  By the time I finished Inheritance, I sort of wanted to smack him upside the head.  Through the entire third and fourth books, I felt that Paolini was relying too heavily on the crutch of breaking his own rules – first Eragon was the only Dragon Rider in the world, then Oromis comes to light and suddenly he has a teacher!  Then Murtagh was killed, but oh wait no he wasn’t! (And we know how I feel about faking a character’s death). Eragon is a human Rider, which is a big deal because he was much weaker than the elves, but then for no reason whatsoever, he became a combination elf/human.  Galbatorix has all the Eldunari of the dragons he has killed, so there’s no chance of defeating him, but OH WAIT I FORGOT WE HID A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM AND MADE EVERYONE FORGET ABOUT IT.  It started to feel like Paolini was simply creating rules for the thrill of being able to break them, but for me, as a reader, it started to feel like he just wasn’t creative enough to get his characters out of the holes he dropped them in, so he reversed gravity.  It just felt sloppy and lazy, and made me really sad, because I had such high hopes for this series and really really loved the way the story began.



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