So Baby Come Out Tonight

Soo anyone who knows me even the slightest knows that I’m a Jersey girl through and through and I will always and forever have pride in my state and particularly Central Jersey, because we are quite simply the best part of the country and the best people in the world. Ahem.

My face, anytime anyone tries to convince me a place could be better than Jersey

My face, anytime anyone tries to convince me a place could be better than Jersey

But I digress. Naturally, I like me some Bruce Springsteen, so while I was wandering in B&N a few months ago and saw his bio on sale for for $7 (a steal I say!) I picked it up. I’ve been reading it while eating lunch at work, so it’s going much slower than my usual run of things, but I’m seriously loving it. First of all, it’s totally outside my usual genre of fantasy/fiction, which I’m thrilled about because I’m trying to expand my horizions and all that jazz. But also, while I’ve always known the broad strokes of the Bruce story (from Freehold, came up through Asbury/the Pony, etc etc), I didn’t know all the details, and they’re AMAZING. Like, songs written blocks from the house I grew up in, his band coming together in the same neighborhoods I spent my early twenties…I feel like
the whole time I’m reading. And it’s just a really new, interesting feeling for me, because it’s the first time I’m really and truly into something nonfiction. I’m loving it. And, of course, the fact that it feeds my Central Jersey pride is just icing on the cake.


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