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This has nothing to do with this post, but man I miss RoL

This has nothing to do with this post, but man I miss RoL

So, at first I thought I was craving a book, but now I’m thinking maybe that isn’t it.  See, a craving usually comes from within – it may be triggered by something outside, like a song or a picture, but the sustained craving comes from your body (or mind!) telling you you want it.  This, this is different.  I feel like every time I turn around, the universe is SHOVING Fear and Loathing at me as if reminding me that it’s been an unacceptable length of time since the last time I read it.  First a random Florence + the Machine song triggerd it (literally, she just like mentioned a rabbit and my brain went rabbit–>Alice in Wonderland–>White Rabbit–>Jefferson Airplane–>Fear and Loathing).  Then a signed copy of the book was featured in an episode of Pawn Stars (I think that’s the one?  With the old man who looks Asian but is really just sleepy all the time and the young guys who’s name is like Chum?  Why are there so many shows about pawn shops?).  Then White Rabbit ACTUALLY came on Pandora on my way to work yesterday.  There were a few other, smaller things, but they’ve all blended into the sleep deprivation that is my life lately to leave me with a VERY STRONG feeling that I should reread Fear and Loathing.  Also, maybe Fear & Loathing in America, a book of letters of Thompson’s during the 60s that I bought accidentally once that is seriously entertaining.

So, despite currently being AWFUL at finishing anything I’m reading, or really finding time to read anything at all – and, in all honesty, not being 100% sure where my copy actually IS – I’m considering reading Fear and Loathing.  I can finish it in a day or so, right?


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