The Sacrifices of Parenting

Me, all the time now.

Me, all the time now.

Normally I’m strictly a fiction reader (mostly fantasy, unless I’m forced out of my comfort zone by my book club), but these babies are forcing me to read non-fiction.  Namely, their refusal to nap and stay asleep past 2am is forcing me to buy and read baby sleep books.  I bought Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problem by Ferber (yeah, the infamous cry-it-out book) and The No Cry Sleep Solution by Pantley (which is basically an anti-cry-it-out manifesto).  Before I had kids I had no idea how many theories there were about parenting.  I thought it was basically, you know – keep them alive – try not to let them be assholes – profit.  But I guess there’s crying it out and attachment parenting and perfectionist parenting and if Bravo can be believed all kinds of extreme parenting ideas as well.  Apparently BB and I need to figure out what we believe and what kind of parents we want to be and until we figure it out our children will never ever ever sleep.  Of course, it’s a little bit difficult to find time to read when you’re working.  And parenting.  And your children are not sleeping.  So, we’ll see how long it takes me to work my way through them.

So, I’ll be back someday soon with my reaction to those books, and maybe some more.  If this was written on real paper instead of typed onto a laptop there would be coffee stains on the page.


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