Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

So, I thought about Hermione a lot this week (no, I’m not going to acknowledge the fact that I haven’t posted in months.  You know where I’ve been).  My commute is 45 minutes long (closer to an hour fifteen during the evening rush hour) so I have plenty of time to think about Harry Potter.  It’s my favorite thing to think about.  This week the object of my musings was Hermione – specifically the way people tend to insist on shipping her with Harry or Ron and  how MAD THAT MAKES ME.

OK, so I’m not stupid.  I’m aware that she ends up with Ron.  And I’m glad about this – first of all, if I HAD to ship one of the couples it would be Hermione / Ron (do they have some kind of lame name?) – mostly because I feel like Rowling was TOTALLY hinting towards that ending for a while.  Also because I think Hermione was important as a sister / family to Harry, and also I LOVE THAT THEY’RE ALL REAL FAMILY IN THE EPILOGUE.  IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY.  They were family to one another through the whole series, and it warms my cold black heart to know that they will always be together.

HOWEVA.  All that aside, I very strongly feel that reducing Hermione to the pivot point in a love triangle reduces her to SO MUCH LESS than her character.  I mean, Hermione was (arguably) the second most important person in the series – and I say arguably not because she shares the spot with Ron, but because without her Harry would have died like ninety million times if it wasn’t for Hermione and the fact that she was the greatest witch of all time ever.  She was a smart, caring, brave, FULLY REALIZED character, She was tortured, kept Harry alive (bajillions of times), ensuring Harry and Ron didn’t fail out of Hogwarts, researched everything that allowed Harry to destroy Voldemort’s (oooh, relax) horcruxes…..and people want to talk about which one of her best friends she wants to date.  SEROIUSLY?

I love Hermione.  She’s my favorite Harry Potter character (followed by DOBBBBBYYYYYY) and easily in the top five of my favorite fictional characters of all time (Racetrack, Newsies; Nynaeve, Wheel of Time; Eowyn, LOTR; Leslie Knope, Parks & Rec) so, YES it bothers me when people discount her or try to make her less than she is.  We have enough fictional women who are simply there for the man to play off of; do we need to cut down our more fully realized females to fit that mold too?



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