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OK, OK, I know I already discussed Ginny, and I promise, I will go back to spewing my opinions on EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER. In the HP universe shortly.  However.  There is something that must be said before I do.


Everyone else makes sense.  Just look at Ginny.

Everyone else makes sense. Just look at Ginny.

I don’t know if maybe people are getting confused between Ginny and Amy Pond, from Doctor Who (another allegedly badass redhead, whose storyline involves her and her husband being separated for like thousands of years at a time but waiting for each other.  Or something.  Doctor Who is confusing and I haven’t watched Matt Smith’s episodes yet).  Or maybe if they’re just focusing on her saying in DH that she never really gave up on Harry.  Or maybe it has something to do with book Ginny vs. movie Ginny (I’m not super well versed in the movies, but I remember that while Bonnie Wright is lovely the character lost a lot of personality).  I don’t know.  REGARDLESS, these people are stupid.

Because Ginny’s WHOLE SCHTICK was that she DIDN’T hang around waiting for Harry Potter.  She focused on Quidditch and her school work and getting over being traumatized after being possessed by a Horcrux.  She got over her crush and dated other guys who DID notice her and DID think she was awesome.  She fought in and helped lead Dumbledore’s Army.  What she did NOT do – because she is not Bella from Twilight and therefore doesn’t suck – is sit around WAITING for Harry to realize she loved him, or for him to come back after defeating Voldemort.  She was entirely too awesome to hold her life up waiting around for a dude who may or may not realize her awesome.

Ginny was brave, and strong, and FUNNY (that needs capitalization because it is probably my favorite part about her), and she is not simply a toy that Harry can pick up and put down as he wishes because she’ll be waiting for him either way.  Ginny Weasley is not The Girl Who Waited.  She’s The Girl Who Fought.


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