No, not the drug, silly.  Molly Weasley!  LOVE HER.  Obviously.  Since I love the Weasleys and she’s the most badass of them all.  NEVER FORGET that this is the woman who gave birth to all seven Weasley children and raised them while Mr Weasley was working – and that includes the twins.  But more importantly, she’s a goddamn enigma.

Molly Weasley was born a Prewett, making her a pure-blood who married into another pureblood family.  But she was obviously not obsessed with blood status – she takes Harry & Hermione in as pseudo-adopted children, she marries a Weasley (the Weasley’s have a history of having an interest in Muggles) and she obviously opposes Voldemort.  WHAT IS HER STORY?  I really want to know.

How did Molly and Arthur meet?  What was her relationship like with her brothers – and did she have siblings beyond the twins? Did her parents raise her to not care about blood status or was it something she learned along the way?  Her entry in the wiki doesn’t give much – just the idea that she and Arthur must have met / started dating at Hogwarts (although they may have known each other before then, I guess, both being members of pureblood families) and she wasn’t really a member of the original Order, despite her brothers being involved – though she had a whole slew of kids at the time, so you know, busy.  How did she get to be such a bad ass?  How close was she to Lily and James – she mentions that they were good people, but if Lily and James were busy with the Order and Molly was busy with the children how close could they have been?

Seriously, what I really want is a full biography of all the HP characters.  And books detailing their lives.  Is that really too much to ask?



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