I Have So Many Questions

Obviously, I think about Harry Potter a lot.  It’s like my mental safe space, where I can relax and unwind when I’m stressed out.  It’s my mental happy place, where I can retreat when things are overwhelming.  But mentally spending so much time in this space means I sometimes end up with more questions than I ever expected to have when I first picked up these books.   Mostly these are general questions about the wizarding world.  Hopefully one day I’ll be a super famous writer and JK will come across these questions and give me THE ANSWERS I NEED. (and if someone who is not JK has CANON answers, feel free to set me straight).

  • Where does magic come from?
  • Does magic exist outside the witch or wizard, or is it all internal?
  • Is there a finite amount if magic in the world (I.e does the wizarding population remain stable or grow with the world population??)?
  • Where do magical creatures come from? Are they related to non-magical creatures that are similar to them?
  • Do mixed races – hippogriffs, centuars – come from actual mixed race sex or are they separate from their parts?
  • Are all wizards equally strong, and the differences a matter of mental strength, or are some actually stronger in magic than others?
  • Is magical strength genetic or random? Can you BECOME stronger through practice? Where does the strength come from??

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