The Potters

For two characters who loom so large over a story, we know so very little about Lily and James Potter.  As in, just about everything we know about them came through the filter of other characters.  We first hear of them through Aunt Petunia, who clearly harbors some anger.  Then Hagrid provides some balance, but we don’t learn much.  The bulk of what we learn about them came from Snape and the Mauraders.  We don’t get to know Lily and James on their own terms – which makes sense, since they died before the story began.  BUT THAT ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME.

I want to know e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g about them.  I want to know who Lily’s best friend was, and if she learned enough about the Houses to have a prefencce before arriving.  I want to know how Sirius and James and Remus and Peter all became friends. I want to know what James’ childhood was like as a privilaged, pureblood wizard.  I want to know how their friendship grew and what relationship Lily had with them.  I want to know about their wedding and when Lily became pregnant with Harry.

What I’m most interested in is their time in the Order. I want to know when Lily and James defied Voldemort, and how – was it private, did he approach them privately to join him?  Or did they simply stand in opposition to him publicly, announcing to the world that they think he’s a dick?  What compelled them to be so strongly opposed to Voldemort – I mean, obviously the guy sucked but was it personal?  How did Lily deal with being pregnant when there was a war to be fought?  Did she step back, or did the rest of the Order have to force her to take it easy?  I have so many questions and they all pretty much boil down to the same thing: What HAPPENED?



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3 responses to “The Potters

  1. I’ve only read half the series, but from what I’ve read thus far as well as your own curiosities, it sounds to me like Rowling purposefully left an air of mystery around them. Harry, the reader’s connection into this world of wizardry, learns everything as we do through his own experiences and his triumphs and failures. As we learn of his parents at the same rate he does, consider this: Can we ever really know our own parents as the people they were before we were born? Sure you can hear what others have to say, or even what your own parents say or do, but we can’t possibly fully understand who they were before the sacrifices which come along with parenthood. Given that Lily and James both died (aka the ultimate sacrifice) before Harry could ever meet them, we the reader, peering through Harry’s eyes, can never know the fullest extent of who these people were, despite all the magic and wizardry available. We can only assume that whatever they did, they did what they thought was for the best for their child.

  2. That’s a really, really good point. Well done, Muggle!

    Now I have to do some more thinking about my next topic :-/

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