Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

Dumbledore is a troubling character to me.  Would you like to talk about my feelings about Dumbledore?  Let’s talk about my feelings about Dumbledore.

On one hand, I love him.  Sorry not sorry?  I just love how he goes around breaking rules and doing nonsensical things and saying things that make no sense – Nitwit!  Blubber!  Oddment!  Twit!  – seemingly just to throw people off and make them think he’s losing his wits in his old age.  But is he? NO HE IS NOT SIR OR MADAME.  Dumbledore is still very  much on top of his game (well, until HBP).  He’s a stalwart defender of good and appears to be at least a leader – if not the one single leader – of both the original Order of the Phoenix and the “new” version.  Whether going up against his old childhood friend (crush? lover? Has JK ever clarified that?) or a former student, he gives no quarter to the “forces of evil”, so to speak.

But that refusal to give quarter also makes him kind of…ruthless.  He pretty openly manipulates Harry and continually puts him in danger – not just the danger inherent in being the Chosen One, but danger because he doesn’t know anything.  He lets Snape terrorize students on the OFF CHANCE that he may eventually be useful as a spy again (because lets be serious, Harry’s first year was NOT Snape’s first year, and Snape wasn’t ONLY mean to Harry.  He was a dick to every student who WASN’T in his House)(And yes I realize that Dumbledore always expected Voldemort to come back and never believed he was actually dead, but there wasn’t any real proof of this and even so doesn’t really excuse letting a teacher BERATE BELITTLE and BULLY students).

Dumbledore is OBVIOUSLY good, and his slightly befuddled Gandalf routine helps it be easy to love him.  But his ruthlessness makes me wonder how close he was to choosing the other side.



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8 responses to “Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

  1. Well Snape is not a very warm person to begin with, he is brave and loyal, but he is also a dick. And I dunno how much influence Dumbledore would have had on him if he chose to reprimand him. Dumbledore usually let people be.

    And oh, that childhood friend I think you meant was Grindelwald? I think JKR did say once that he and Dumbledore were lovers or at least had a flame.

    • Ooh thank you, I knew JK had confirmed Dumbledore’s feelings, but wasn’t sure if she had confirmed that they were reciprocal.

      I actually do think Dumbledore could have had a stronger control over Snape – yes, it was in Snape’s personality, and yes Dumbledore was the type to let people be, you’re totally right – but at the core, Dumbledore was a high school principal who let one of his teachers abuse his students.

      • elruggieri

        ^ this. So much this. I have a hard time with Dumbledore because of Snape, not as hard of a time as I have with the many people who romanticize Several, but still. At 13 years old, Neville Longbottom’s biggest fear isn’t spiders or banshees like most of his class, and it isn’t even ending up like his parents (which has probably been *my* biggest fear since reading the damn books). No, Neville’s biggest fear is one of his teachers. That’s more than just a crappy teacher or a teacher who doesn’t like you… that’s so royally screwed up and for the headmaster/principal to let that continue is deeply upsetting to me.

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