You guys I was going to write a whole thing about Bellatrix and how I get why people love her because she’s super fascinating and bitches be crazy and whatever and then I had a realization.

It’s well-accepted in the fandom that Bellatrix is in love with Voldemort.  Like, madly, obsessively in love, is his most loyal follower because she wants to jump in his bed etc etc etc.

It NEVER OCCURRED TO ME until I sat down to write this post that her husband must have been with them all the time Bellatrix was throwing herself at Voldemort.

They joined the Death Eaters together.  They tortured the Longbottoms together.  They escaped from Azkaban together and rejoined Voldemort.  And that’s where we, the readers come in, seeing Bellatrix as one of many Death Eaters surrounding Voldemort after he regains power.  One of those other Death Eaters has to be Rodolphus, Bellatrix’s husband.

Even if their marriage was just of convenience or to make their family’s happy, that shit had to be weird.

OK that is how I ended the post the day I wrote & scheduled it.  But you know I can’t just leave it there.  I can’t believe I’ve read HP so many  times and that never occurred to me. Is it much more obvious in the movies??  Anyway.  Moving on.

Bellatrix is – like all other characters in HP – super fascinating to me.  At first glance, she seems like a pretty typical crazy bad guy type – with an extra dose of obsessed bitch thrown in for good measure.  But when you get a little bit deeper into her character – well, there has to be something more under there.  She had two sisters – Andromeda and Narcissa.  Narcissa also married a pure-blood and was involved with the Death Eaters, but from the little we get of her story, it seems she’s only truly interested in her family and keeping her son safe.  Andromeda married a MUGGLE BORN and was disowned from the family. It’s enough to make me wonder if JK is trying to make some larger point about nature vs. nurture?  That three women raised in the same home ended up taking such radically different paths?

Where did Bellatrix go so wrong, really?  Obviously she was predisposed to joining Voldy because of her family history and upbringing, but that obviously wasn’t completely predetermined.  Was it because of her husband?  She didn’t have any children – could that have been why?  And when did she fall in love with Voldemort – I assume he wasn’t so weird looking before his death / resurrection?  If this was anything other than Harry Potter, I’d simply take her at face value as an evil, crazy bitch – but this is JK we’re talking about here, and every character is layered and has real motivations behind what they do.  I just wish that we got some more of Bellatrix’s backstory.

This is part of the reason why I want JK to write a previous-generation series.  So that I can get all my questions answered.



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5 responses to “Bellatrix

  1. Well I have heard mutterings about a previous gen movie so maybe it’ll be answered? I never had thought of that myself tbh… Good question. I assume they were in some kind of open relationship? I’ve followed – I’m a writer myself btw, short stories and poetry is kind of my thing. I’ve got a novel in the works too, hopefully manage to keep working on that and get that done ASAP. If you’re interested, I’d love for you to check out my blog ( If not, thanks anyway and have a good day and keep blogging!

    • Oh I hope you’re right – I haven’t heard anything except of course for fantastic beasts!!

      Thanks for the comment, looking forward to checking out your blog!

      • Yep I remember seeing something,but I can’t remember where… Great! I can’t wait to see you there, if you have any feedback (especially if it’s yo do with my novels prologue) I’d love to hear it!

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