Rubeus Hagrid

So, the slow-thinking, bumbling, probably sort of clumsy big dude is kind of a literary cliche – or, at least, it is in the fantasy genre.  So, in one sense, Hagrid is kind of a cliche.  Then again, the nature-obsessed character who is so good with nature that he can practically speak to animals is also a cliche, and that’s basically the opposite of Hagrid, so you know.  It evens out, I guess?

Being a half-giant put Hagrid in a similar situation to Lupin – meaning that he dealt with prejudice and assumptions about him from witches and wizards each and every day.  That prejudice obviously played into Hagrid being kicked out of Hogwarts – not only was he known to be attracted to vicious types of animals (who he always insisted were “misunderstood” – hm I wonder why??), but he was a HALF GIANT, and come on everyone knows what giants are like RIGHT?  It’s really no wonder he wanted to protect and take car of Harry, since he himself was treated so poorly.

The fact that Dumbldore was able to take Hagrid in and protect him, though, makes him sort of a contrast to Lupin.  Both were characters who faced discrimination for things outside their control; Hagrid was able to find a safe place for himself and he blossomed under the protection of Dumbledore.  He was obviously happy with his life and lived comfortably, and was even comfortable enough to skirt wizarding laws by purchasing and raising banned dangerous creatures.  By contrast, Lupin’s safe place (under the protection of James Potter) was ripped away from him, and he was reduced to constant travelling, unable to get or hold a job.  It’s clear from when we first meet Lupin that he’s on the edges of society, and he isn’t able to take any risks because his situation is so precarious.  It raises the question of what Remus Lupin would have been like if James hadn’t died and Lupin did have a safe space to exist in.



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3 responses to “Rubeus Hagrid

  1. I find myself on the rocks with Dumbledore’s character and honestly, I hate that J. K. made Harry name one of his kids after Snape instead of Hagrid. Hagrid- in my opinion- is one of the most under appreciated characters ever to be created in the universe of books in general and that sucks total chicken feet. I mean, Hagrid goes through all this trouble to bake Harry a cake, defend Harry, protect Harry, and just love Harry in general (which was obviously something came natural to him, while Snape always detested Harry and only “liked” him because of Lily).

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