Remus Lupin is absolutely bisexual and you’ll never be able to convince me otherwise.

Just figured I’d get that out of the way before we moved on.  I think that Remus Lupin was a bisexual, and that’s how I can ship him with BOTH Sirius and Tonks.  I ship him HARDER with Sirius (for reasons that I’ll probably discuss when I talk about Tonks), but without Lupin/Tonks there would be no Teddy Lupin and ohemgee I adore little blue haired Teddy Lupin.

Ahem.  Back to the point.  I think that Sirius and Remus were together at least as long as Lily and James were together – since their later Hogwarts years.  I like to imagine that by that point, Lupin was more comfortable at Hogwarts and with his friends, and possibly got over a bit of his fear that they’ll kick him out for any little infraction.  That he’s beginning to feel like he really CAN – and DOES – belong with other witches and wizards, and he’s no longer afraid they’ll kick him out if he’s not 100% perfect.  BUT he’s not naturally super rebellious and so still remains the voice of reason for the Mauraders – hence why Dumbledore made him a prefect.  Specifically, he was able to be the voice of reason for Sirius – able to calm Sirius down when he was upset, and able to steer him towards pranks that were less likely to get him into trouble.

And, naturally, this makes me want to cry OCEANS of tears for Remus Lupin.  He was a werewolf in a world where werewolves were considered monsters (rightly so, but still.  Obviously there were ways to HELP them rather than simply treat them like automatic criminals), who finally found friends and a lover and a FAMILY in the world he despertely wanted to be a part of  And then the war started and he needed to go into deep cover with people who EMBRACED the idea of themselves as monsters and tried to live up to it.  And he has to be separated from his family during this incredibly dangerous time, when any of them could die at any moment.  and he can’t spend this time with them.

AND THEN HE LOSES THEM ALL AT ONCE.  In one night, Lupin’s entire world is wiped off the map.  Lily and James and (so he thinks) Peter dead, and Sirius implicated as the traitor and dragged off to Azkaban.  His whole world fell apart all in one go – not only losing everyone close to him, but the pain of being betrayed by Sirius, and knowing that without James’ support, he’ll lose any hope of living a normal life.  And so while everybody else was celebrating, Lupin was mourning.  Mourning his lover, mourning his friends, mourning his whole entire life.  And it wasn’t until twelve years later that he finally gets a reprive, only to be thrown back into a war and killed.



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