Something occured to me recently.  It’s kind of common knowledge that the Potters were in hiding the until Voldemort finally found and murdered them.  But I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about what that meant.  That meant that they were alone while Lily was pregnant, only being visited by Order members, probably in shifts to keep from drawing attention to Godric’s Hollow.  Who was there when she went into labor – anyone?  Who delivered Harry?

And then, oh my god, the first year of having a baby is HARD.  Like, super hard.  I guess maybe on one hand you could argue that it was easier because they didn’t have jobs, but they also weren’t able to get out of the house.  Can you just imagine that for a minute?  Like, they literally could not leave the house even to go buy diapers, needed them brought in.  Now, let’s be clear, I love my children, but holy crap if I could NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE for fear of my life during my pregnancy and for the full first year after they were born, I probably would have lost it.

Could you imagine not being able to share your pregnancy or child’s first year with your family and friends?  Celebrating your child’s first Christmas alone, not being able to share their first steps or smile.  I know that it’s super tragic that they died, but  it’s equally tragic that their last year of life wasn’t really a year of life at all.


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