Tonks is an interesting character, don’t get me wrong.  But – and I guess this isn’t that different from most of the other characters – she’s most interesting in what we don’t know about her.  I’m gonna go back to my trusty old bullet points for this one, because my kids are sick and I’m too tired to form paragraphs.

  • Tonks’ mother is Bellatrix and Narcissa’s sister – but she married a Muggle Born.  What was Tonks’ childhood like?  Did she have ANY contact with her family – obviously her mother was blasted off the Black family tree, but so was Sirius and a few other members – did they ever meet up and just talk crap about their family?  Or did her mother secretly get along with her sisters, so she got to see her COUSIN DRACO every once in a while?  Were they close to her father’s family, so she mostly grew up around Muggles?  The family dynamics of this are endlessly fascinating to me.
  • How exactly does being a met.  amorphmagus work?  Is it genetic (as it appears to be, since Teddy Lupin is canonically showing signs of being one at only days old).  If that’s the case, where did Tonks get it from?  Is it something that can be passed along Muggle lines?  That’s doubtful, so that means that somewhere along the Black Family Tree there is a metamorphmagus that we don’t know about.  Who??
  • Why did she want to be an Auror so badly?  I mean, on one hand, she’s technically a half blood and her father is a Muggle Born so yes totally makes sense that she would want to fight against Voldemort.  But Voldemort was thought to be defeated during the time she joined the Aurors, so would Dark Witches and Wizards really be targeting Muggle Borns?  I’m not saying that she HAS to have some kind of tragic backstory that led to her being an Auror, but it’s not exactly an easy job, so you’d think she had some kind of motivation to stay motivated.
  • Can we just get some more of Tonks and Mad-Eye’s relationship?  It’s totally canon that he was her mentor, and they both seem to be pretty strong willed personalaties.  Add to that Tonks’ (again CANON) total and complete clumsiness, and you’ve got a recepie for a wonderful sitcom.  I want to watch that sitcom.
  • How did her relationship with Remus begin?  Were they paired together on Order missions – I find that hard to believe, since during the First Wizarding War he was in deep cover with the werewolves.  Unless his cover was blown, wouldn’t they use him for that again?  Tonks would most definitely not be involved in that work.  Did they just get close at meetings, a few snatches of conversation at a time?  I assume her feelings started first, because Lupin was in a relationship from PoA to OotP (you’ll never convince me otherwise).  What would they have told Teddy when he asked how they met?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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