Percy Weasley

Percy.  Far and away, the least popular Weasley (including Charlie, who WASN’T EVEN IN THE MOVIES.  WTF, Warner Bros?).  While most of the Weasleys were loud, affectionate, fun-loving people, Percy was straight laced, by the books, and ambitious.  It’s really only the last part that gets him in trouble.

Let’s be clear:  I have no problems with Percy Weasley being ambitious.  I don’t even have a problem with him trying to distance himself from his family – listen, he’s wrong, the Weasleys are awesome, but it’s his choice, you know?  He saw his parents struggling with money his whole life, his father unable to earn any respect at work – is it really and truly any wonder that he wanted to carve out a better life for himself?  No, no it is not.

The PROBLEM is that Percy decided that he was going to carve out that better life for himself by working his way up through the Ministry of Magic.  At a time when the Ministry was just super duper corrupt.  Like, denying that the most evil wizard of all time was back and murdering the shit out of people while simultaneously being infiltrated by the minions of said evil wizard corrupt.  So, yeah, really bad.  And Percy is SO TUNNEL VISIONED on his ambitions and being successful, that he ignores all the signs, argues with anyone who tries to point out the obvious, and blithely continues supporting this regime.

So, yeah.  Do I fault Percy for wanting to distance himself from his family?  Nah.  I think he’s stupid because his family is awesome, but to each his own.  Do I fault Percy for being ambitious and wanting a better life for himself and his future family than the struggle he saw his parents go through?  Of course not.  Do I fault him for sticking with the Ministry over his family even when it became clear his family was right?  Yes, I do.  Because Percy Weasley was (at that point) an adult and should have known better.


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