Back To School

As everyone around me prepares to go back to school – and I send my own kids to day care for the first time – I find myself, once again, thinking about Hogwarts.  But lately – instead of thinking about how unfair it was that I never got my letter and had to go to stupid Muggle schools my whole life – I’ve been thinking about how Hogwarts runs, administratively.  Like, Dumbledore is the headmaster, and McGonagall is the deputy headmistress.  And each House is led by a professor – Gryffindor is McGonagall, Slytherin is Snape, Hufflepuff is Sprout, and Ravenclaw is Flitwick.  So, you’re telling me that McGonagall has THREE jobs at Hogwarts?  She runs Gryffiindor AND teaches AND runs the school (because seriously Dumbledore has his strengths and administration is not it).

There has to be an army of secretary wiitches and wizards behind the scenes somewhere at Hogwarts.  First of all, someone has to be in charge of the house elves.  I doubt Filch is doing it, and Hagrid is too busy with his groundskeeping.  Secondly, someone has to be keeping track of all these students – JK has discussed that there are about 1000 students during Harry’s tenure at Hogwarts.  That’s a LOT of kids to send letters to, to account for, to arrange class schedules for and keep track of disciplinary and academic and medical records for. ESPECIALLY with a headmaster who likes to send students into the FORBIDDEN FOREST for detention.  Even if this is taken care of magically (which I assume it is), someone has to be in charge of those spells.

And this is why Harry Potter is awesome.  Because I can think about ADMINISTRATIVE SPELLS and becoming fascinated.


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