The Other Black Boy

Regulus Black really doesn’t get a lot of “screen time” in the HP world, so to speak, but he’s an intriguing character to me, nonetheless.  He’s Sirius’ little brother, for chrissakes, and Sirius is my favorite character, so…..yeah.

I wonder how alike they are.  The note that Regulus left for Voldemort in the fake locket Horcrux seems to suggest that he certainly shared a flair for the dramatic with his older brother.  But was he loyal like Sirius, too?  After all, Sirius clung so tightly to the little family he created after his biological family kicked him out that it literally drove him insane and killed him.  Was becoming a Death Eater Regulus’ form of loyalty – to his parents, perhaps, as a sort of payment for his brother’s sins?  Such a strong loyalty to his parents and their ideals that he signed up with Voldemort as a type of penance because his brother turned out to be a blood traitor?  I like to think that’s why he did it.

I also wonder about why Regulus turned away from Voldemort.  I think canonically, it has to do with Voldemort trying to kill Kreatcher in an attempt to test the security measures around his Horcrux?  And that’s kind of when Regulus realizes oh shit this guy doesn’t give a crap about anyone, he doesn’t care at all that I love this creature, to him it’s a house-elf and therefore inferior and therefore totally disposable.  But, like….really?  Did you not realize you’d signed up to work for a genocidal maniac who was incapable of love? Really and truly this was a surprise to you?  Or did you only care because now it’s affecting YOU and YOUR life and things YOU care about?  Because I love Sirius and this is Sirius’ brother, I want to believe that Regulus simply didn’t realize what he was signing up for – after all, he’d heard his parents parroting these same views his whole life and they certainly weren’t murderers – and it was just too hard for him to get out.  But I really don’t know if that’s the case.

I also wonder what Hogwarts was like for Regulus and Sirius – after all, by 5th or 6th year Sirius had been kicked out of their parents’ home and was living with the Potters full time when he wasn’t at Hogwarts. What was it like for Regulus to only see his brother at school, when he was surrounded by his friends that their parents wouldn’t approve of?  Did they still attempt to have a relationship, or did Sirius cut off contact with Regulus along with their parents?  Did they ever get into fights at Hogwarts, or did they simply allow themselves to drift apart?  It’s truly fascinating to me to think about the dynamics of Sirius and Regulus, brothers who ended up on ostensibly opposite sides of the war, but died fighting for the same side.

Thins like this are why I think JK needs to write a Marauders series.



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3 responses to “The Other Black Boy

  1. Sirius is my favorite character as well so I think this post is wonderfully fascinating! And I would LOVE a Marauders series! 😀

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