It has come to my attention that the last week of September is banned books week.  And while a lesser writer may simply write something about why Harry Potter shouldn’t be banned and the people who wish to ban it (and all books, really) are betraying the weakness of their own cause, that’s not what I feel like doing.  I am more interested in exploring censorship within the wizarding world and how it manifests both aimed at Hogwarts students and in at the citizens as a whole.   Because I’m just strangely obsessed with this wizarding world that JK has created.

It’s interesting to me the way the books take a look at censorship – and a stance against it – considering how the book was received in the real world.  With the Ministry and Umbridge in particular, JK takes a pretty strong stance that protecting people “for their own good” isn’t right, and that censorship for that purpose is pretty darn close to evil.  And even when she raises the idea of the other side of the argument – after all, as much as we all love Hagrid, Grubbly-Plank is probably a safer teacher, right? – she still seems staunchly on the anti-censorship side of things.

And that’s how we like her, right?


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