Career Paths

I think Ron became a househusband after the War.

I say this with no sense of judgement, by the way.  I think that taking on roles that are natural to each individual without worrying about fitting into traditional gender norms is awesome.  And I think that Ron is awesome at taking care of people and Hermione is very ambitious and career oriented and they’re both too logical to worry about what other people would think.

Now, I already know what some of you are thinking.  Ron was an Auror!  And then he left the Ministry to help George run Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, which was a huge success and he was probably very busy!  And you’re right – but I’ll bet that working with (for?) his brother was a lot more flexible than being at the Ministry’s beck and call hunting Dark Witches and Wizards.

Meanwhile, Hermione worked her way up in the Ministry, effecting change at every step and becoming very successful in Wizarding Law – a career path that I can’t imagine would have been possible if she was rushing home to care for the children every night, or needing to take days off to care for a fever.



Plus, just look at Ron’s personality throughout the books.  He’s always offering to make tea or generally trying to take care of Harry and Hermione.  It’s cute.  And look, I’m not saying that Hermione isn’t a good mom, or that she emasculates Ron, or any of that mysoginistic mumbo jumbo.  I’m just saying, with what we know about their personailities and their lives after Hogwarts, I’m pretty sure that Hermione is the career woman bringing home the bacon and Ron’s the house husband frying it up in the pan.  And that image just warms my cold, dark heart.


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