Time Travel

I spend a lot of time on the internet.  It’s a hazard of my job, which requires me to be on a computer 40+ hours a week.  So I see quite a few things like this


Which honestly makes me want to punch someone in the face.   Do you not understand anything about time travel or how the time turner works?  Let’s discuss.


These are the 3 theories of time travel.  Either you have the multiverse, you create a paradox, or there is no way to change the past because it’s already fixed in such a way that includes your time traveling, meddling ways.  Do you see what book / movie is listed as an example under the fixed timeline theory?  That’s right, Harry Potter 3 (aka the Prisoner of Azkaban, aka the book / movie that introduces time turner technology).

Harry is rescued from the dementor attack at the edge of the lake by a Patronus (his own, though at the time he thought it was his father) – if he hadn’t been saved, there would have been no Harry to go back in time and fix everything, so it’s obvious that the rescue was part of the original timeline.  Therefore it’s safe to assume that everything he and Hermione did during their time-turner adventure was part of the original timeline.  After all, they never actually saw Buckbeack die – they heard the swish of the axe, heard the axe hit something, and heard Hagrid yelling, and assumed that Buckbeak had died.  Later, we see that Macnair hit the fence with his axe and Hagrid started blubbering in relief when they realized Buckbeak was gone – the same sounds the trio heard the first time, just put in their proper context.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve got my issues with Dumbledore, but there really isn’t any evidence that he purposefully kept Harry from saving his parents.  It simply isn’t possible with the way the Time-Turner works.  Why Harry never thought to ask about it though – you’re on your own.  And frankly, internet, I’m disappointed you haven’t asked THAT question yet.



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