It’s a particular quirk of mine that I’m always very concerned about how people are going to support themselves in retirement.  I’m not a financial planner or anything – in fact, I’m pretty terrible at finances – but I’ve been known to send out texts while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race expressing concerns that drag isn’t a stable long-term career path.

So NATURALLY while I was reading a scene where the Weasleys clean out their Gringott’s vault to buy school supplies, I started worrying about them.  Does Gringotts offer IRAs?  Does the Ministry have a 401k program – and do they match contributions?  I  just really really hope that when JK describes them feeling right into the corners to make sure that they’ve gotten every single coin in the vault, that it wasn’t literally all of their money.  Molly deserves to be taken care of like a princess once Arthur retires.  And Arthur deserves to retire and play with his plugs!

Granted, I’m sure their kids would help support them – but still.  They have to think about this stuff, right?


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