What Are You Even DOING?

I can’t be the only one who wants the Harry Potter books from Voldemort’s perspective. I don’t even care about his motivations – I just want to hear him explain how these convoluted ass plots are a good idea.  Like, really – you’re going to have one your your followers whose father illegally smuggled him out of jail impersonate a well-known Auror to guide Harry thorough the Triwizard Tournament so that you can transport him to you at the most dramatic moment.  That’s your plan.  Not to, I dunno, snatch him while everyone else is focused on the Tournament.  Oh, you’re going to put your soul pieces into highly valuable and sought after antique pieces, and a mortal snake?  Not something that nobody would notice – the way a Portkey is used?  Like, who is advising you that you are creating these nonsensical plans, because I want to be in these planning meetings.

Also, I’m really interested in what was happening between the end of Sorcerer’s Stone and the beginning of Goblet of Fire.  When we leave at the end of SS, Voldemort has been defeated by Harry, with an assist from his mother’s love & the Mirror of Erised.  I think he is basically thrown out of Quirrel, who he was possessing at the time, because he was totally disembodied.  The next time we see him – well, we don’t see him at the beginning of Goblet of Fire, we just hear him, but we know he has some sort of body and that he’s surviving on Nagini’s milk (which, btw, gross.  Why don’t we talk more about how gross that is?).  Then at the end of Goblet of Fire we finally see him, in his gross, helpless baby form.

(Chamber of Secrets only deals with the portion of Voldemort’s soul that was encased in the diary, adult Voldemort doesn’t actually make an appearance.  And Prisoner of Azkaban focuses on Sirius, Voldemort is totally absent.  So, yeah, we don’t see him from the end of book one till the beginning of book 4)

How does he make that shift from disembodied soul living on the back of his servant’s head back to a corporeal form?  He discusses killing Bertha Jorkins – mostly because Wormtail allowed her to see him & they were able to torture information about the Triwizard Touranment out of her – did her death have something to do with it?  Or was it some other sort of dark magic?

So, basically, in addition to wanting JK to write a Mauraders series, and a Founders series, I also need her to write the books from Voldemort’s perspective, just so I know exactly what kind of nonsense goes on in the Death Eaters organization.


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