Random Notes

Random notes I made to myself while drunk-reading GoF:

  • WTF are they watching during the 2nd & 3rd task???
  • Voldemort was a helpless baby creature five minutes ago why is he so cocky
  • So whatever fudge is a coward and prefers a comfortable lie to the uncomfortable truth but be did go toe 2toe with Minerva that one time
  • The leader of the merpeople was a woman. But their society (the little we see of it) seems relatively primitive, cave man like. I’d like to know more about it.

I don’t really have a full post worth of stuff to say about any of these, but sober(ish) me is always really amused by what drunk me has to say, so I figured I’d share.  Also, very good point about Fudge, drunk me.  You go.

Also, I cannot find my copy of OotP (TRAGEDY).  It shouldn’t affect my posting on here (cause a – this blog isn’t exactly reliable to begin with and b – I’ve got a bunch of post ideas lined up that I just need to type up & schedule) but I felt like the world needed to know.


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