I don’t understand people who don’t ship Ron & Hermione.  They’re not my OTP (ahem) but goddamn do I think they’re perfect for one another.  I think that Ron is the perfect person to support Hermione’s ambitions, and she’s the person who reminds him that he’s something other – and bigger – and better – than  just the youngest son, competing against his five big brothers.  They compliment each other in a way that I don’t see happening with anybody else.  Plus, while Hermione has  bunch of other ships waiting in the wings (Draco?  Fred? HARRY?), Ron doesn’t, and Ron is too good of a person and friend to be tossed aside like last years garbage.

Besides my personal love for Romione, however, there’s the fact that…well…I feel like it’s just incredibly obvious in the writing.  And I realize that JK has gone out on record saying she  was planning on putting Hermione with Fred and blahblahblah whatever you know your characters are perfect together and it slipped into the books without you doing it consciously or realizing it HA.  From Goblet of Fire and their infamous fight surrounding the Yule Ball, through Order of the Phoenix and their bickering and appraising and generally making Harry the 3rd wheel to their awkward teenage courtship, I honestly don’t understand how anyone reading the same books I am could see them with anyone but each other.



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