Mother Figure

Molly Weasley is totally my hero.  I touched on this a little bit before, but as I’m re-reading the series (I’m currently a couple of chapters into HBP) it’s really hitting home for me that Molly Weasley is who I want to be when I grow up.  Or at least, part of who I want to be.  Specifically, Molly Weasley is exactly the type of mother I want to be.

Molly Weasley is so good at being a mother.  First of all, the sheer number of children she has is impressive.  I have one set of twins and I’m overwhelmed some days – imagine if those twins came when I already had three?  And then to have two more after the fact?  Insanity.  That’s just…that’s so many children.  So many diapers, and bottles, and hours attached to a breast pump, and so many times saying the same thing over and over….the mere thought of the parenting ability that went into having seven kids 11 and under boggles my mind.

And she did a good job of it, too.  First of all, her children grew up to be incredibly successful.  When we meet the Weasley family, Bill and Charlie are already successful in their fields (curse-breaker and dragon-wrangler, respectively); by GoF Percy has gotten a  position in the Minstry of Magic; after OotP Fred and George opened their own shop in Diagon Alley and  did a booming business despite the atmosphere of fear created by Voldemort’s return; and after the series ended it’s canon that Ron joined the Ministry and later moved to help George and Ginny had a stint as a professional Quidditch player.  To have all 7 of her children grow to be so determined and ambitious – and to achieve their goals so spectacularly – tells a great deal about her parenting and the environment in which they all grew up.

It’s also incredible to me how matter-of-factly she opened her home and her family to Harry & Hermione.  This is a family that has – seriously, I cannot stress this enough – SEVEN children, and canonically struggled financially to raise those children.  But she opened her home to Harry & Hermione, for no other reason than her son (Ron) told her that they didn’t have anybody (in the Wizarding World in Hermione’s case and in the entire world in Harry’s).  She opened her home to them, fed them, did their laundry and assisted in their packing, chauffeured them to get their school books and get to school (in GoF I think she even goes BY HERSELF to get everyone’s stuff so they can all enjoy the Quidditch World Cup).  By all accounts she IS their parent, their mother, in the Wizarding world.  And she didn’t have to be.  She could have been polite but distant on the platform, maybe asked after their health when Ron came home for the holidays, but kept herself well out of their lives and focused on her own children.  But she didn’t do that, because she was too good of a mother not to want to reach out and help children who needed it.

And that’s exactly the kind of parent I want to be – the kind where when my kids bring home a friend who needs help, they know that I’ll be there to provide it.  Even if it’s inconvenient or difficult.  Because every child deserves a parent who’s willing to do the hard and inconvenient things for them.



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