Balancing Act

I’m really curious about the Muggle born students who go to Hogwarts and how they interact with the Muggle world when they’re on holiday.  Like, obviously there has to be some sort of provision in the International Statute of Secrecy for the parents of Muggle born witches and wizards (and my research on the subject tells me Hogwarts / the Ministry send a representative to explain things to the parents rather than just sending the standard owl when the kid’s 11), but what about their friends and extended family?  Do all of Dean Thomas’ cousins and aunts and uncles just think he goes to some random boarding school?  Don’t they ask him what he’s studying?  Does Hogwarts send home notices to Hermione’s parents letting them know what their daughter is getting up to during the school year? Did Lily Evans ever have a summer romance with a boy who didn’t understand why she couldn’t call or write when she went back to school?

Harry’s life in the Muggle world is terrible, so he’s all too happy to cast it off and jump feet first into the Wizarding world.  Lily & Hermione both ended up marrying pure blood wizards and leaving their Muggle lives behind, despite not having any trauma (that we know of), but there’s no reason why that should be assumed to be true of all the witches and wizards born in the Muggle world.  I’m just very curious as to whether any of the Muggle born students at Hogwarts ever tried to balance both sides of their lives, and how it worked out for them.


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