Random Notes as I finish Half Blood Prince and prepare to crack open Deathly Hallows:

  • Ugh Romione 4eva.  His whole thing with Lavender just made me so unreasonably irritated.  Like, I know sometimes it feels like options are slim for gingers, but….just….ugh
  • I feel like it’s significant that Harry begins and ends the  year immobilized under his invisibility cloak, listening to Draco discuss his plans and plots, but I can’t quite make the connection.
  • Dumbledore searching for the door to get into Tom Riddle’s horcrux cave was super reminiscent of Gandalf trying to open the gates to the Mines of Moria, and I’m shocked at myself for never noticing this allusion before.
  • It’s mentioned prior to Dumbledore’s funeral that Harry had never been to a funeral before – I guess in this case I can let it slide, because he’s never had any family or friends, but goddamn I’d been to a few by the time I was his age (he’s 16 in this one) – why do authors do this?  Are funerals not inherently sad / awkward /  uncomfortable enough, you need to make it worse?

And, not specifically related to HBP, but a friend of mine is sending me actual scholarly articles on Hermione through a feminist lens and I’m just super geeky nerding out over it.  Cannot wait to get them.


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