It really, truly, deeply struck me this time ’round how horrifying the infiltration of the Ministry must have been for Hermione.  The majority of those scenes are – obviously – focused on Harry seraching for the Horcrux & snatching Moody’s eye back out of Umbridge’s door.  But its mentioned that Hermione has to follow Umbridge down to the courtrooms, and when Harry finally catches up to her, she’s sitting in on the trial of Cattermole’s wife (i.e. the wife of the man Ron’s impersonating).

Hermione is a Muggle born witch.  Even if she wasn’t in league with Harry Potter, this was her fate in the wizarding world if Fudge / Umbridge kept power.

I don’t know why it hit me so hard this time ’round.  Harry is, well, Harry, and it’s the Ministry’s own damn fault he’s against them.  Ron has the privilge of making the choice – to be with the Ministry or against them – and he chooses his best friends (and his own sense of morality).  Hermione doesn’t have a choice.  Sure, if she wasn’t helping Harry she wouldn’t be hunted down by name, but she still would have been hunted down as a Muggle-born, subjected to a dehumanizing trial, and probably stripped of her wand and thrown back out into the Muggle world.

I just…cannot wrap my head around how fucking traumatizing that must have been for her.  To see, played out, in living color, in front of her own eyes, the fate that awaits her if they lose this war.  Like, no wonder she was so convicted and passionate about it.  Harry may have given his life for the cause, but Hermione had the most to lose.


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