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Random Notes

Random notes I made to myself while drunk-reading GoF:

  • WTF are they watching during the 2nd & 3rd task???
  • Voldemort was a helpless baby creature five minutes ago why is he so cocky
  • So whatever fudge is a coward and prefers a comfortable lie to the uncomfortable truth but be did go toe 2toe with Minerva that one time
  • The leader of the merpeople was a woman. But their society (the little we see of it) seems relatively primitive, cave man like. I’d like to know more about it.

I don’t really have a full post worth of stuff to say about any of these, but sober(ish) me is always really amused by what drunk me has to say, so I figured I’d share.  Also, very good point about Fudge, drunk me.  You go.

Also, I cannot find my copy of OotP (TRAGEDY).  It shouldn’t affect my posting on here (cause a – this blog isn’t exactly reliable to begin with and b – I’ve got a bunch of post ideas lined up that I just need to type up & schedule) but I felt like the world needed to know.


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Writer’s Block

It’s what I have.  I think it’s because my TBR list is growing and threatening to bury me alive; rather than working on it I spend my time revisiting my old friends in books I’ve read a thousand times before.  And continuing to add things to my TBR list based on what I’m rereading.  It’s a vicious cycle.

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Drinking Game!

Wanna get drunk fast while reading?  Here’s my new favorite drinking game:

1) Choose a Kerouac novel (Dharma Bums or On The Road are always good choices, but any will do, really)

2) Keep up with the protagonist’s wine drinking.

3) Keep reading as long as humanly possible

The end. ❤

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Mondays Are For Drinking to The Seldom Seen Kid

Drinking game!! Despite my failure to finish any of the four books I’m already reading, I’ve decided that I’m re-reading Clan of The Cave Bear tonight….and turning it into a drinking game!  Admittedly, I didn’t make this up–I read it online somewhere, and Google is failing me in remembering where exactly–but it’s a great way to spend a Monday night regardless.  If I manage to make it all the way to Valley of the Horses it’ll be way better, but there’s plenty of repetition in Clan  to get me to a good place.  Below I’ve listed the rules I’m starting with, but I might come back and add more as I go.  Hopefully they’ll be real rules and not just excuses for me to drink more wine.

1) Take a drink every time Alya invents something integral to human society

2) Take a drink every time Alya starts the process of domestication of an animal

3) Take two drinks for every sex scene

4) Take a drink for every time Alya changes a society’s mores

5) Take three every time someone exclaims over how beautiful and amazing Alya is

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