Name Game

I know this gets talked about – like, a lot – but I have a bone to pick with the entirety of the Potter-Weasley clan.  Harry and Ginny get a lot of shit for their kids names (ALBUS SEVERUS REALLY GUYS) and that’s all well and good, but the rest of these kids don’t get off so easily (I guess Charlie does, since canonically he never marries or has kids, but I digress).

None of you fuck waffles named your child after your father?  Really?!?!   Your father, who slaved away at the Ministry of Magic to raise you ungrateful little bastards, to put food on the table and robes on your back – even when he was a known associate of the Order of the Phoenix and going to work could have gotten him captured or killed?  Your father, who was attacked by a giant snake trying to keep your friend – and later husband / brother-in-law – safe and alive?  Your father, who taught you how to be a good person and that everyone – even Muggles – deserves fair and equal treatment?

I do wish that Harry and Ginny had named a child after Hagrid – I wish it so much, particularly because Hagrid didn’t have any children of his own – and I get the idea that Harry left Remus for Teddy to use for his future children  – but I’m personally offended by the idea that NONE of Arthur’s five children (who had children of their own)  named a child after him.  NOT EVEN A MIDDLE NAME, GUYS, COME ON.

Just rude as fuck.

((For the record, 1) Percy named a daughter after Molly, and 2) in real life, one of my twins is named after her (deceased) grandmother and the other is named after her (deceased) great-grandmother.  Family names are important.))


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