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Monday Night Poetry


Do you know what

the truth is,

what’s rightly

or wrongly said,

what is wiseness,

or rightness, what 

wrong, or well-

done if it is,

or is not, done.

I thought.

I thought and 

thought and thought.

In a place 

I was sitting,

and there 

it was, a little

faint thing

hardly felt, a

kind of small


–Robert Creely


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Love Love Love <3

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ImageIt’s been so long since I’ve had to wait for a book.  I think the last time I had to WAIT for a book in our I-want-it-yesterday society was Harry Potter 7.  And I was there at midnight to pick it up and by the following midnight I was finished with it.  So you will understand why I’m discomfited by my current situation. I’ve finished all my WOT books (that’s Wheel of Time for you cool kids with social lives and skills) and the last one doesn’t come out until 2013.  I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF.  I have a bit of an addictive personality, and for the past few years it’s been very WOT-focused.  And now I have no focus, and I feel like it’s set me adrift a bit.  I suppose I could re-read them, so everything is nice and fresh in my brain when the final book comes out, but part of me desires a break.  The larger part, however, freaking DREAMS about Elayne and Nynaeve while I’m supposed to be working.  Even Narnia can’t break me away from these books.  And I freaking LOVE Narnia. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the crazy until next year.  At least now I know how my boyfriend feels.

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New Blog? Hurrah!

Hello folks!  As you may not be able to tell by my erratic posting schedule, I love writing nearly as much as I love reading.  I’ve begun a new blog dealing with my obsessive, generally circular thoughts regarding that process.  You can find it here: iwantchristiansdesk.  If you could go check it out and possibly comment and give me some advice and whatever else, that would be swell.  To thank you, here is a fabulous photo I came across on pinterest (if you know who owns it, please let me know so I may give credit!).  Thanks!


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Why Did I Not Know About This Earlier? Huh?

My Droid is linked to my Kindle.  Oh yes it is.  As in, I can open and read any book that I have on my Kindle, on my Droid, at any time, and WILL NEVER AGAIN BE WITHOUT A BOOK TO READ.  I discovered this while in Staples today – I forgot to get some things scanned when I worked yesterday, so today I had to spend time out of my day off in a Staples.  Luckily, not the one I actually work in.  It took the girl at least 10 minutes to get around to helping me.  She was helping some lady staple stuff in self serve, then had a customer at UPS, etc etc.  I DIDN’T HAVE A BOOK WITH ME.  I left On The Road at work, and Narnia is simply too big to carry in a purse, even a babysnatcher like mine.  Besides, I had literally left the house to get one piece of paper scanned and buy 2 packages of bacon – I didn’t think it would be such a production.  So I toyed with my phone.  And noticed an icon on the “Apps” screen which said “Amazon Kindle”.  Which let me sign in with my Amazon username and password and ACCESS THE BOOKS ON MY KINDLE.  So I started rereading Dharma Bums (despite my promise to myself to finish Walden).  I feel like my life just got a million times better.


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